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Book Reviews!

Dr. Karl Knopf

“As Jim’s former professor and mentor, I cannot express how proud I am that he has become the consummate adapted fitness educator.  In his book, “The 10 Most Powerful Health Habits”, Jim has displayed the unique ability to take complex scientific information and explain it in understandable terms that enable the reader to adopt the 10 health habits to their own life. Even though I have been teaching this information for years, I still learned a great deal.

The 10 Most Powerful Health Habits is exceptionally well researched and backed up by the most current scientific information available on positive aging. Jim is living proof of the effectiveness of the 10 powerful health habits as he actively practices the concepts discussed in his book. If you adopt the habits discussed within this book, then I am confident that it will increase the quality and quantity of your life.”

“Grow Well NOT Old”

Dr. Karl Knopf

Senior fitness and health educator for over 37 years and author of over 15 books on adult health & fitness.

Paul Zavagno M.Ed.

“I love this book! It’s chock full of useful information and fun to read! Jim’s dedication to finding the best scientific research and presenting it in an easily understood format shines through every chapter. I thoroughly enjoyed his sense of humor and playfulness. I’ve been pursuing fitness and health for most of my adult life, and while I had a lot of my understandings confirmed, I learned a lot of new things, and they strengthened my motivation to continue some healthy habits, as well as take on some new things! I will be buying some copies for many friends and loved ones!”

Paul Zavagno M.Ed.

Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie. Paul is a teacher, leader, consultant, mind coach, and founder of Isness is My Business.

Anne Jackson Ph.D.

“Jim Jensen has written a first-rate book, carefully and
thoroughly researched, and packed with important
information, all presented in a well organized and carefree
style. It’s a must-read for anyone interested in tips, tricks, and hacks for making your health the best ever.”

Anne Jackson Ph.D.

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